What I Do

Heather Ann Mack

Wedding Ceremonies:

Everyone’s ceremony is unique and individualized. Every couple receives a copy of their wedding ceremony to keep forever.

I also do:

  • Renewing of Wedding Vows
  • Commitment Ceremonies

Anniversary BlessingsĀ (for an anniversary of any kind)

  • The anniversary from your last chemo treatment
  • The anniversary of a loved one’s death
  • The anniversary of your sobriety
  • Be Creative – call me and we will set up an anniversary celebration!

House Blessings

In these scary economic times, we are no longer taking our homes for granted. Now more than ever we want to bless our new homes from the moment we put out the welcome mat. I know the excitement of buying a new home and I also know the deep sadness of saying goodbye to a home that has been in the family for many years.

Whether you are buying or selling a home a house blessing is a very intimate way of starting afresh. I create the blessing ceremony with all of the individuals in the home and give each person a speaking role. We walk through each room and say a little something about what we hope to happen or achieve in the room. In the case of moving out we walk through each room and speak about what we are going to miss and treasure about our time in this home. This is a heartwarming experience for couples, families or individuals.